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Man Arrested outside of WhiteHouse Connected to WaffleHouse Shooting


Early Sunday morning, a naked man covered with a green jacket came into a Waffle House in Nashville and began shooting. The gunman shot and killed four people and wounded several others.

29-year-old James Shaw Jr. was dinning at the restaurant and took cover behind the bathroom door after he heard the diner front window shatter and gun fire. The gunman opened fire through the bathroom door with one of the bullets hitting Shaw in the arm.

Shaw stated “I kind of made up my mind, because there was no way to lock that door, that if it was going to come down to it, he was going to have to work to kill me.”

Shaw looked over to the gunman after he heard the shooting stop and noticed that there was some difficulty with the rifle. “I hit him with the door and the gun was kind of jammed up,” he stated. “I grabbed it from him and I threw it over the counter top.”

Shaw charged at the gunman, pushing him outside of the diner. The gunman fled the scene naked after dropping his green jacket and is currently still at large.

Police have come forward stating they are drafting murder warrants for the suspect, Travis Reinking, 29, Illinois. Reinking was arrested in 2017 showing signs of suspicious activity near the White House.

Point man for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, Don Aaron, said in a news interview that Reinking came into the Waffle House parking lot around 3:19 a.m. in his pickup truck, after four minutes Reinking got out and shot two people hanging outside of the diner with his rifle. Two others were fatally shot, one of which succumbed to their wombs at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, three dying at the scene, the police said.

Tazewell County, Illinois sheriffs deputies revoked Reinking’s weapon owner holder card back in 2017. Reinking volunteered to turn in his four weapons, but his father intervened tell deputies he would take possession of the weapons and assuring them that Reinking would not have access to the guns.

Police Chief of Houston and Nashville Steve Anderson stated in a conference that it is believed that Reinking’s father returned the weapons back into Reinking’s possession.

Police chief Steve Anderson stated, Reinking was last spotted without a shirt or shoes, after he returned to his apartment. Police have not discovered a motive behind the horrific murders. Anderson also stated, “We suspect some mental issues, but at this time there’s no notes, no verbal explanations.”

Authorities are heavily investigating the serious matter.

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