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U.S. Postal worker delivered drugs


A United States postal worker from Boca Raton, Fla., admitted to accepting cash in exchange for delivering packages of drugs along her daily route.

Evelyn Ramona Price, 53-years-old, pleaded guilty to “bribery of a public official” (Hitchcock, 2017, n.p.) in federal court. She told federal authorities that she had been taking cash bribes to deliver drug packages for months. Her charge, “carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000” (Hitchcock, 2017, n.p.).

Federal authorities allegedly questioned Price late last year after one of her deliveries. The package she handled was suspicious. Price delivered it to a woman who did not live at the address listed on the package.

Price claimed that she, “met a man named Steve in June 2016 who asked for the addresses along her route and offered her $50 for every package she delivered for him. Steve would notify Price the morning packages were expected at the post office” (Hitchcock, 2017, n.p.). The pair would regularly meet before her workday started so that he could pay her for the deliveries. Though Price claims to not have ever been told the contents of the packages, she admits to assuming, “it was some kind of drugs… None of the packages had tracking numbers though each was the same size and shape and had similar handwriting” (Hitchcock, 2017, n.p.). She delivered two packages for “Steve” over the course of four months.

In late October Price tried to deliver one last package but, the community’s business office would not accept it because the name listed on the package was not an owner or tenant at the listed address. Surprisingly, the return address on the package was a New York address even though the package was postmarked from California.

Price told authorities that she and “Steve” had planned for her to deliver four packages that morning, but he called off the meeting because he “thought that something wasn’t right” (Hitchcock, 2017, n.p.). He then instructed her to deliver the four packages to the listed addresses. Three of the listed addresses would not accept them. According to authorities, four packages contained a combined 20 pounds of marijuana (2017).

Fortunately for Price, she has been allowed out on a bond of $50,000 since April when she was indicted, “on charges of bribery and distribution of marijuana” (Hitchcock, 2017, n.p.). Court records indicated that the charge for the distribution of marijuana has been dropped as a part of the plea deal.

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