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Drugs Staying in Your System


This video from Narconon is a valuable addition to your ability to understand, in “plainspeak” what happens to drugs within the person’s bloodstream. It is very useful to hear from prior addicts in training resources. These people provide unique presentations where you learn from the material they have prepared to teach you but you also learn from the way they communicate.

Too many people who have never “done drugs” make assumptions about what substance abusers are made of. They make assumptions these people are self-destructive and can never change and nothing can be further from the truth. While they will always be addicts, while the risk of substances abused being in the bodies and adversely impacting them mentally or physically will always be present, it must be remembered also that none of are perfect. With today’s pharma culture being the solution given to every public safety employee as a response to their injuries, to their pain, and to their trauma we have people on the “right” side of the law becoming victims just as badly as the people they have been arresting for years. Between alcoholism and dependence on drugs to relieve the pains we have earned occupationally we are all at risk for becoming abusers and we better start learning from non-clinicians as well as the drug-free professionals out there if we are to get a more balanced perspective on what we may fall subject to ourselves.

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Mike is the Executive Director of TAPSTI and also serves as Training Director for the Institute. Mike is ABD on a PhD in Public Safety and has completed a Master's in Criminal Justice, a Master's in Adult Education, and a Master's in Public Safety. His Bachelor's is in Social & Behavioral Sciences. Mike is a POST-certified instructor and has attained dozens of other certifications through his thirty-year career.