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Conducting a 5 Panel Urine Screen


This is a fairly well done video on how to perform a 5 panel drug screen. It refers to itself as a “drug test” but it cannot be a drug test in so far as it doesn’t “test” for anything if the term test refers to a conclusive determination of substances and their levels of concentration within the system. These types of “screens” are generally good if they are administered within a controlled system but they will only indicate drug metabolites in excess of a specific concentration in the urine. It does not mean there is none of the drug being checked for in that person being screened – it means the drugs in their system in concentration do not meet the minimum concentrations the screening device was constructed for.

The video briefly explains safety precautions which should be taken but the person conducting the testing is not wearing gloves! Personal protective equipment (PPE) should always be used. Laying on flat surface is a good point. Pulling the kit before the Control Line shows may create a lack of result for that strip. The video does a good job of emphasizing a Control Line.

MDMA, AMP, MOR, COC, THC are all tested on this video.

The detection times on this video do not align with training administered by The American Public Safety Training Institute at www.tapsti.org.

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