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Are you a Difference Maker?


TAPSTI has a growing reputation as an open-minded sounding board for what we need to fix within the criminal justice system and as a collaborative way for professionals to develop solutions. Solutions take leaders and leaders make a difference. We are looking for people who we call “Difference Makers” – talented, inspiring, passionate men and women in all areas of Public Safety who attract talent, who push the boundaries, who develop new ideas and fresh solutions, and who prove through their results everything that is right about some career field within Public Safety. We want you! We want to interview you live, build a radio show around you, put a bio of you and your success on the Internet, and show how following your example can help bring a rewarding career path to someone who is just getting started in Public Safety. Please contact us at admin@tapsti.org, give us your contact information, and we will contact you about how we can help you become noticed for being the Difference Maker you are!

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Mike is the Executive Director of TAPSTI and also serves as Training Director for the Institute. Mike is ABD on a PhD in Public Safety and has completed a Master's in Criminal Justice, a Master's in Adult Education, and a Master's in Public Safety. His Bachelor's is in Social & Behavioral Sciences. Mike is a POST-certified instructor and has attained dozens of other certifications through his thirty-year career.