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Baltimore Police Caught Planting Drugs


A Baltimore police officer was praised for discovering and arresting a man for the possession of illegal drugs, only to be discovered as the person who hid the drugs in the first place.

A few months ago a team of Baltimore police officers were investigating an unsuspecting man’s yard for drugs. Within moments of their search, one of the officers discovered a soupcan containing the “stash.” All of this was caught on the officer’s body-cam, as he had turned on the recording moments before retrieving the drugs. What the officer did not know was that body-cams also record the 30 seconds prior to physically turning them on; in this case, the 30 seconds he had used to plant the drugs.

Unfortunately for the victim, the officer’s illegal activity was overlooked causing the man to spend the past several months in jail, unable to post the $50,000 required for bail. Since the discovery of the body-cam footage, the Public Defender’s Office of Baltimore leaked the video, provoking a public outcry. Finally, the victim has been released, and the Public Defender’s Office has since updated their information, informing the public that the man is free.

Baltimore Police Commissioner, Kevin Davis, mentioned that the officer in question has been suspended and two of his colleagues are on administrative duty. The agencies internal affairs unit is still looking over the case. The Baltimore Police say that they are investigating the accusation of the officer planting evidence. His involvement in other illegal activities are now also being investigated throughout 53 different active cases.

For more information on this topic please read Baltimore Police Caught.”


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