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President Trump’s War on Drugs


New York Times Best Selling Author, Don Winslow, firmly believes that President Trump would be making a mistake by revamping the War on Drugs.

“After five decades of this war, drugs are cheaper, more plentiful and more potent than ever…The so-called War on Drugs quadrupled our prison population (overwhelmingly and disproportionately composed of minorities), handed out life sentences to nonviolent offenders, militarized our police forces, promoted the disgusting concept of for-profit prisons, shredded the Bill of Rights and cost taxpayers upward of a trillion dollars” (Winslow, 2017, n.p.).

Many United States citizens think of the War on Drugs as one of the most catastrophic social policies in the country’s history. On the contrary, Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions think that the newly renovated War on Drugs has been a tremendous help.

With two award winning novels and twenty years of research experience on the topic, Winslow knows what he is talking about when it comes to the War on Drugs. He stresses that violent crime in the U.S. is currently at a record low. Today there are improved police techniques, community policing, and economic growth.

Trump and Sessions only see a rise in homicide rates: murder rates that are primarily results of gang violence. They believe that drugs are wholly to blame for gang violence thereby justifying the new War on Drugs. They want to cut social programs and community policing funds to go back to mass arrests and incarceration, ignoring the facts plainly stated by Winslow.

Winslow argues that the original War on Drugs was more a race issue than a drug issue: “African-American males are thirteen times as likely to be sent to prison for drug offenses than white males, whose drug usage is proportionally much higher. Sentences for African-American males are over 13% longer than those for whites. The War on Drugs has largely been a war on people of color” (Winslow, 2017, n.p.). By reinstating the War on Drugs in a similar fashion as before, President Trump will be promoting and condoning racial profiling.

For more information on this topic please read “Don Winslow: President Trump’s War.”


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