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(Adults Bullying Adults) School PTO Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying, and Narcissism


(Adults Bullying Adults) School PTO Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying, and Narcissism

This article may be the first of its kind because it directly related to (PTO) parent teacher organizations and bullying other parents involved in schools. Its a reality no one talks about and its something that affects parents and children in schools. Its a frequent form of bullying, harassment, and discrimination among parents which affects their children and the overall lives of parents affected by this type of behavior of power hungry narcissistic PTO members.

Everyone has read and heard stories about children being discriminated against, harassed, and bullied at school but, has anyone heard about what the parents go through from the political aspect of PTOs and power hungry authoritarians that take their positions way too far in the PTO school board community? What about the illegal aspects of the discrimination, harassment, and bullying of the parent who stands up to a PTO official member of a school and as a retaliation measure their children have to put up with the same? I’m talking about real stalking and harassment with a PTO official feels they can get away with since they are in a position of power such as presidential status of a group and friends with all the right people in all the right places including school board members that they absolutely without a doubt use what power they have to cause anguish and mental stress for other parents whom do not agree with their frame of mind or perspective when it comes to voting for what to use the schools funds for to how certain educational programs would benefit the children. There are illegal schemes happening with people in positions of which they feel they have total power to control and manipulate others into getting what they want including the power to manipulate others into bullying and harassing others. This is what a PTO is like at some schools and behind the scenes, it is not a fun parent teacher organization that provides information to parents and students but, more of a social status and way to target parents which do not get involved or reject certain parents and those parents children out of prejudice. This is a deeply disturbing reality of today’s world and it should not be tolerated.

This may seem like something out of a reality tv show or comedy series but, it in fact is a harsh reality for parents whom volunteer or get involved with school PTOs and its not a fun aspect of being involved either. Its a tight knit political drama unfolding in a background sugarcoated in lies and deception. I myself have experienced this taunting and harassment with a tainted tense atmosphere ever since trying to be involved in one. I personally was threatened by a PTO President and intimidated into withdrawing my position as a PTO member. This was shocking to me since I had this idea of just happy people wanting to be helpful but, it really is a social status thing and the group members can be extremely power hungry and hateful. I have personally had to deal with constant harassment and bullying for 6 months and still have with nothing done about it regardless of numerous complaints to the school which name I will not mention and the school fully supports their PTO members and ignores my complaints as if I made them up.

Its extremely frustrating to be bullied and harassed and nothing to do about it. In this unique perspective of how parents have to deal with other parent organizations in schools in a unique political drama of what the reality truly is unknown to the parents whom are too busy to know whats going on behind the scenes. According to PIOTROWSKI, C., & KING, C. (2016), “Bullying is an abusive behavior that, undoubtedly, has had a long history and is quite pervasive in contemporary society. However, a review of the extant literature clearly shows sparse research attention devoted to the study on nature of bullying of adults by adults (Rodkin et al., 2015; Swearer & Hymel, 2015).” (Pg299Para1) It is not clear why adults feel the need to bully other adults but, it is worse when those bullies also affect their children and family members.

Its time for a change in how PTOs function and operate within schools and there needs to be a set regulation on how parents in any role can function or operate and what authority they have because it is going too far and people are taking out of context what their actual roles and abilities are and instead have become dogmatic rulers of the schools. This is not what a PTO is meant to be and this is not how one should function. I think there needs to be a set standard of education in psychology, anthropology, or related to social services to even be in a presidential position of a PTO having authority over others rather than a degree in business or degree in mathematics it wouldn’t make sense with being the overall decision maker of functionality of the schools PTO.

Religion should not be a selective based factor on a promising individual either. Just because someone says they are religious or have good intentions does not mean they actually do and its all a political and social aspect of where someone is placing themselves in having power in a group as a manipulator. According to Giacomin, M., & Jordan, C. H. (2015), “Narcissists are typically seen as being more concerned with “getting ahead” than “getting along” with other people (cf. Honga, 1983). Indeed, the predominant view of narcissism has been that narcissists are concerned with possessing agentic qualities such as (competence and independence but not communcal qualities such as interpersonal warmth and nurturance; campell & Foster, 2007; Campbell, Rudich, & Sedikides, 2002). Yet, people can be arrogantly communal or sanctimonious, viewing themselves, for example, as morally superior to others.” (Pg583Para1)

I’ve noticed that a school will not take responsibility for how a parent volunteer of a PTO or PTO member in a high position status acts and or what those members do outside a school even though they represent the school. It is nor right to look away at another parents complaint and pretend nothing happened and it’s not ok to continue to let discrimination, bullying, and harassment happen among parents from PTO members and those members of high position status. It is also not right for a teacher or school employee to support the discrimination or bullying of a PTO member to a parent and excuse their behavior. It would seem that the teacher or employee of the school is supportive of the discrimination by supporting this behavior. My point is it needs to stop and it needs to stop now.





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